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Collection of frequently asked questions.
If you can not find answer, please feel free to contact us.



What kind of service do vv.Japan offer?
We are offering service of “PURCHASING AGENT & SHIPMENT”. We are not offering just a “forwarding service” to ship goods what customer have purchased at merchant directly.
Can vv.Japan handle second-hand goods?
Yes, we can. We are authorized by Prefectural Government to handle second-hand goods.
Can vv.Japan offer discount for purchasing large quantity.
“If merchant offer discount for large quantity, our handling charge is also calculated by that discounted amount. Our handling charge is max. JPY3,000 per order.”
Is it possible to re-sell goods what I bought through vv.Japan.
Yes. You can re-sell goods. We offer B2B service.
Do vv.Japan offer forwarding service?
No, we can not. As a exporter vv.Japan have responsibility for goods what we ship. We handle goods what we purchased by ourselves.
The amount estimated by vv.Japan is different from actual amount.
For example if merchant’s selling price is revised, there may be difference between actual amount to purchased and estimated amount. In that case customer have to pay actual amount of goods and related our handling charge against actual amount regardless our estimation. Basically we are in a position to purchase on behalf of customer. Please understand.
I would like to return goods.
We don’t accept return and change of goods.



I would like to purchase many items, can vv.Japan put them in one package and ship?
We can combine goods of Max. 5 net shop without extra charge. In case of more than 6 net shop or large size package, we will quote cost accordingly.
Can I appoint arrival date of goods?
Basically we ship goods as soon as receipt of shipping charge. We can not control arrival date of goods at your place.
Can vv.Japan inform arrival date of goods?
After shipment, we will advise cargo tracking number. Please check arrival date with that number by yourself.
In case of COD(Cash On Delivery), can vv.Japan receive goods?
Yes, we can.
When goods arrive at vv.Japan’s warehouse, can vv.Japan check detail of goods?
We check quantity, color, size of goods. If any problem happen, we will let you know and we will solve problem with merchant.
When do vv.Japan ship out after arriving goods from supplier?
We will ship goods on the date we receive shipping charge or on the next day. If shipment is delay we will let customer know.
If goods are lost and get damage after shipment, how vv.Japan compensate?
Except it is our fault, that is customer’s risk. Customer have to solve problem with shipping company.
I would like to know prohibited item to export and import.
Please refer to website of Japan Post Office.